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Dark Entity
Dark Entity
Sylvia Rayner, 11 X 14, Oil on Canvas.

Dark Entity is an artist's impression of an insect-like alien and is based on reports from eye witnesses. The Dark Entity is usually accompanied by smaller gray entities, and always appears to be in charge or in control of the smaller entities. The Dark Entity stands six to seven feet in height, and has a build and posture closely resembling that of a praying mantis. Its exoskeleton is reasonably rigid, somewhat glossy, and is predominantly black with a subtle blue tint. The Dark Entity is relatively rare, though sightings of it have been reported world-wide. It is usually seen motionless in darkness or shadows on the other side of a threshold, though broad-daylight sightings of the entity have been reported, as well as outdoor encounters in rural settings.

Human Reality
Sylvia Rayner, 12 X 24, Oil on Canvas.

Human Reality is an artist's impression of a scene recalled during an encounter near Casa Grande, AZ. In November of 1993, under an obscure overpass along I-10. At one point during the encounter, a yellowish skinned entity quivered as it made this expression, which was taken as irritation or protest. Accounts of expression are relatively rare among encounter experiences.

Human Reality

alien morf
Alien Morf

Oct 2005: Extraterrestrial Races
Who is Who in the Greatest Game of History. by Rolf Waeber, Artwork and poems
by Yeva.Available at Trafford Publishing
June 2001: Almanac of Alien Encounters by
Eric Elfman, Illustrated by Jeff Westover. Alien Alley Congradulates Jeff Westover
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Sylvia Rayner Jeff Westover
  Sylvia Rayner's
  Digital images.
Jeff Westover's Alien art.
Gray Area
by Nomar Garcia
Anthony Taylor David E. Caywood Landi Mellas
 Anthony Taylor art director
 for Fashion Victim's T-shirts.
David E.Caywood 
Art about his experiences.
 Landi Mellas Artwork,
 We are not alone.
M Dowdey Peter Gutierrez Rick Smith
  M Dowdey UFO Encounter
 1989 artwork.
Peter Gutierrez Collections has exhibited in Belgium. Rick Smith Inspiring works
of art.
Bruce F Horton Jilaen Sherwood Kris Hastings
 Bruce F Horton Artwork
 of Fantastic Encounters.
Jilaen Sherwood Artwork,
Look to the Sky.
Kris HastingsArtwork
The BlackClear
John David Barnhart
John's Art collection of
Alien Mugshots
David Barnhart
Cosmic art
Miana Andrew C. Stewart E.Wyatt Smith
  Hybrid Visions
Andrew C. Stewart
Minds Eye
E.Wyatt Smith
Robbie Visitations Harry KemSeng Yeva Aliens by Alien
Harry KemSeng
3D Alien Art 
Aliens by Alien
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