My name is L'aura'M, I'm earthly and at the same time extraterrestrial

My mission : To help people's conscience to evolve on earth

My background : In 1996, I started to see the energy emanating from people, despite of my lack of interest in spiritual issues.What characterized me was especially my devoted love to nature. Everyday I pay a tribute to its beauty and power. With the opening of the third eye, all my cultural and educational upbringing vanished. Since then, my preoccupation has been to deepen this newly found reality. I was faced to, by conditioning and freeing myself from all ties. So I travelled, exploring the Mother searching for the Father. I felt like an untidy empboard to be cleaned tidied and classified. I meditated a lot, in order to dispose of all the unnecessary. I explored the most obscure parts of my being. My path is far from being finished... It was during my trip to the Dominican Republic that I discovered my alien aspects. These characteristics that hold the mystery of the mind's power which an "ordinary person" is not aware of and can't exploit.

My work : When I paint , I open dimensional doors. I work with earthly as well as alien energies. I become the channel by which the light and obscurity express themselves.

Alien Baby
"Alien Baby "

First painting of an important series of canvases about aliens energies exploring. Alien baby contains the teaching of the 5 elements reunited in a harmonious WHOLE.
Warrior Alien of the Obscurity
"Warrior Alien of the Obscurity"
Warrior Alien of the Light
"Warrior Alien of the Light"
You cannot escape from This duality Light / Obscurity which comes from a great whole which ignore its existence.For a long time I have been in conflict concerning these two entities which I thought were opposites. All this to finally realize that one was embellishing the other and vice versa. I therefore let the light and obscurity harmonize to unite.The weapon and solution is : The Love

Red Master Alien
"Red Master Alien"
Blue Master Alien
"Blue Master Alien"
You must live in all colours of rainbow before to obtain the Knowledge.

Mastering the elements water and fire.

"THE TRINITY" (2002 dominican Republic)

After having symbolized the Great All and explored diverse energies (I have worked with "little greys, the reptilians and dragons...) The Trinity appeared to me. The Saul- feminine and masculine part. After this Trinity I want essentially to ask for the access to the lightest and purest energies of which the knowledged is unlimited. I know than I can to choose myself , I know than I am a GOD ;All this preoccupationes go to represent my news paintings in my next travel in Guatemala for August and September 2002

Advice :

It's by letting go that one can obtain renewal. We must let our heart free itself from the past, in orderer to live all the richness of the present moment.don't be afraid of anything, don't listen to the "overwhelming" thoughts. The thought is always old and conditioned. One day they say "white" and tomorrow they say "black". Don't feel obliged to do anything. Only do what you want to and enjoy doing it. Obligations belong to the mind. Open yourself to the Light which is information, it will teach you infinate possibilities. Unite the opposites.

Today the Earth needs your awareness.But be careful for the more the Light shines the more it enlightens our most obscure parts. Good bye ego!!!

Email:L'aura'M lauram1@caramail.com

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