Landi often wondered as a child why no one else spoke of the visitors, but soon realized it was best to be quiet about this part of her life in order to fit into society. Now she has decided to speak out. It is time. We are not alone in the universe.

Her friends consider her a friendly, outgoing mother and grandmother. She has raised a family, held down an executive secretarial position, and lived an otherwise normal life, except.... she is an Experiencer.

Landi first encountered UFO's and alien beings around age seven. These encounters have continued to the present day, and would be difficult to count; there have been so many. She has given the beings names, some humorous, as they have become an integrated part of her life over the years. Although she reports some aspects of this phenomenon are very frightening, Landi feels most of her encounters have been spiritually uplifting, with a beauty that is unsurpassed in our realm of existence. Through it all, she has been led to an expanded awareness of God and this great universe, and that, in itself, is wonderful.

It is her hope that both Experiencers and non-Experiencers alike can work together to solve the mystery of this world-wide phenomenon without prejudice or ridicule.

Landi is currently working with co-author David Caywood on their upcoming book (The Other Sky). Their book will detail in-depth experiences and contact histories which includes more than 80 years of combined insight into their non-terrestrial and spiritual contact experiences. A release date has not been set at this time but will be made available here in the near future.


Alzar is an inter-dimensional being who first appeared to me in 1988. He manifests in several ways, but always with a sense of humor, bringing a message of love just by his presence. He has appeared to me in dreams, and has also appeared by superimposing himself through me, this type of appearance witnessed by others. This picture was drawn by a psychic artist and is an excellent likeness.

Encountered 1951

Large Nordic-type being, and small beings. Large being was approximately 7 foot tall, very fair skin, "chiseled" features, long arms and fingers that reached to his knees. One-piece silver suit. Large being communicated to me future earth changes and prophecies. Small beings were approximately 3 to 4 feet tall and had covering over mouth. At first, I thought they were children. Could distinguish male or female only by slight difference in eyes. These beings escorted me to a ship which they designated as a transport scout ship, where I encountered another being I call "Driver" at the controls. I was then shown another planetary system and given instructions for future events.


Sketched by Jeff Westover © 1998
Encountered 1951
with the large nordic being
and small beings

Pilot of transport scout ship. Wearing dark blue or black uniform-type jacket, "conductor's" hat, dark scarf around neck. Very white skin, black straight hair, large dark eyes, Small slit for mouth. I was very curious about where I was and what was happening. "Driver" gave me the impression he would rather ignore me, but was somewhat tolerant of my many questions.

Encountered October, 1987,
and again in 1989

These beings have a distinct pinkish skin tone, pale green eyes and no facial or body hair. The forehead is large and protruding with three deep furrows. Male and female look so similar, I had the impression they were cloned. I was told by these beings that we are genetically linked and was given the name "Gentran", which may translate to genetic transformation. I was given information on the destruction of their planet.

"Gentran…PINK ONES"

Encountered August, 1988

Counter rotating fields of light. Used as a time-space vehicle for inter-dimensional travel. I was physically transported by this light vehicle to witness a giant being and humanoid children from another dimensional time/space.


This instrument emits varying frequencies/intensity/color of electrical energy. The openings or holes in the end of the instrument can be adjusted to increase or decrease the level of electrical charge emitted. Different combinations of energy can also be obtained by adjustment in the size of the openings. This instrument was directed at my head on several occasions, purpose unknown.


"Blues Brothers"
Blues Brothers

These two blue beings have appeared to me several times, and seem to have a sense of humor. This particular picture depicts the beings at the far end of my bedroom, after I had chastised them for "sneaking" up behind me during several encounters. Their reply to me was, "Is this far enough away!"


This is a blow-up of an innoculation I received on my left arm by alien beings. They told me that when I visit them, I bring germs indigenous to our planet. Therefore, the innoculation was for their benefit as well as mine.


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