David E. Caywood

David E. Caywood prefers to be referred to as an "Experiencer" rather than an Abductee. David believes the difference being that an Abductee is subject to victimization and what's possible for a victim --- "more victimization." What's possible for an Experiencer --- "everything!"

David's experiences began when he was two and have continued up to the present time. His recent MRI Scan shows an anomalous object at the base of his brain stem. The object was described as having been placed there a year earlier while David was under hypnosis and found during a routine physical examination during the fall of 1996. Numerous researchers around the country including Dan Wright, Author of the MUFON Abduction Transcription Project, are studying his "case".

David is an Educator and Computer Applications Consultant. He lives with his partner of 14 years in Dearborn, Michigan.

David is currently working with co-author Landi Mellas on their upcoming book (The Other Sky). Their book will detail in-depth experiences and contact histories which includes more than 80 years of combined insight into their non-terrestrial and spiritual contact experiences. A release date has not been set at this time but will be made available here in the near future.


The next two pieces of work are of Orinwendt and Maatee, pronounced "Ma-Tay". O and M are Pleadian and have said that were my parents in my lifetime before this one. They are from a planet called Alcyon.






"Fatherhood?" This picture depicts an encounter with my "daughter," according to the two Grey "nurses" on either side of her. They gave her the name "Shannon" and told me that I would soon meet my first-born son.




" Welcome to the Neighborhood". This is a depiction of a Being which was encountered by my Father-in-Law and I. It appeared to both of us on the eve of our first day at our new house in Dearborn, MI. As it floated about the house from room to room, it said it was "Just having a look around," and "would be leaving shortly." My Father-in-Law has since moved into his own apartment.


"Welcome to the Neighborhood"


"Outer-worldbound" Recalls my experience one evening while I was still living in Ventura, a quaint little resort town on the Central Coast of California. I was "lifted" from my warm cozy bed in the middle of the night and taken on a grand tour of the universe. Albeit in the nude at the insistence of the... of my....er..."Tour Guides".

I was fascinated with the experience and can remember most everything about it. I was returned at approximately at 4:00 am and found myself lying naked in the sand on the beach in downtown Ventura. I had to walk (actually, run--hide--run--hide) three blocks home where I collapsed into a dead sleep for the remainder of the day.




"The Gifts" Took place in broad daylight on my front porch in Dearborn, MI (of all places). It had been a typical hot August day and when evening came I decided to go for a cooling walk in the woods.

When suddenly, there appeared three small crafts; each hovering in and around my front yard. I was stunned into silence as whirling balls of light emanated from the small ships and pierced my body (in the chest and forehead).

After which, the ships telepathically told me that they were here to teach me "propulsion and navigation" and that the balls of light were for "injecting knowledge for a future use." Oddly, I never did take that walk and turned in early that evening.


"The Gift"


While talking a stroll along the broad walk one evening after dinner at a near by restaurant in Oxnard, CA, (around 8:30PM)...My partner Keith and I noticed a strange blue light emerging over the oceans horizon. Within seconds the entire sky had somehow "opened up" by what I am forced to call a 'Bright Blue Vortex', for lack of a more concise description.

In the wake of the 'vortex' came four to five smaller balls of colored light and a rather large disc/saucer shaped craft. Before we knew what was happening the craft and the balls of light were over us, hovering silently and then as fast as they had arrived they 'zipped' up and out of sight.

The whole episode took approximately...5 minutes...tops. However, by the time we walked back to our car a few hundred yards down the beach, 2 and 1/2 hours had passed. It was now approximately 11:00pm. Missing time seems evident now but did not bother us at that moment.

We went home quietly, not saying a word more about the incident, and turned-in early feeling exhausted and fatigued.


"Ventura Sighting 1993"


This is a representation of an event which has been with me since childhood. I was visited by a grown-up "me" and several hovering "ships".

It's late summer(September, 1976) in Alaska deep in the Cook Inlet. I walk out into the middle of semi-solid bog where two ships appear and hover. Suddenly, a blue beam of light flashes from the underside of one the ships and a man with a back pack walks out of the beam. He is me--- grown-up. The older me(smiling) approaches younger me and we stand face to face.

My older self tells me not to be afraid and that very soon I will "be involved in the greatest adventure of my life". Older-me continues, "The adventure will ultimately lead to knowing who you are David and you will be helping many, many people.

"One day when the time is right you will "wake-up" and see all things clearly as if for the first time. It won't be very long now. Remember that you are loved." With that, the older-me turns and goes back into the beam and disappears. The ships leave, the wind picks-up and the vision/memory ends.

I have never told anyone of this experience( mostly because of it's incredible strangeness), not even the researchers who have worked with me over the past ten years. But seeing how open I have become with my experiences...it seems like the right thing to do. Especially, since I now resemble the future me I encountered when I was 13 years old.


"A Once and Future Me"


This picture represents what I was shown by my frequent visitors (the Greys) during a visit by them on October 17, 1998. They materialized in my room sometime around 3:30 AM, abruptly woke me up, saying, that "it was now time for me to see what would be the outcome of all the changes going on here(earth)."

As usual I was frightened and confused but my familiar "female" presented herself from out of no where and put her hand on my head, calming me down and then presenting the image represented above.

As I understand the image that was shown to me, the Earth and all it's inhabitants would soon enter into a new phase of reality. One where our thoughts about a thing would be manifest instantaneously. I watched the image in complete 3-D motion and light, as if I were experiencing it first hand. As that very thought came to the surface, She telepathically said to me: "You are!" and that "Where we (Earth) now sit in the present time/space reference point would not be where we will be when the changes are complete." She said, "By our linear time standards, we were not present to them in what we consider the future." Whatever that could mean. I have a sense but not true understanding or clarity of "we would not be present to them."

Oddly, This seemed to cause them(the Greys) great concern and something almost like dispair inasmuch as I can assimilate their moods and "vibes". 'What do you want me to do about it!' I exclaimed. "Be aware of it for now, " she said. I faded out of view from the image shortly afterwards and I found myself sitting fully dressed on the edge of my bed. I undressed and drank a glass of water while I wrote down the experience, returning to bed sometime shortly after 5:00 AM.


"Slipping into the 4th Dimension "


The MRI Scan is of an anomalous object found by my family doctor in Dearborn. My doctor said that is not removable by surgery unless I was willing to suffer certain paralysis or even death since it is located on the spinal column and at the base of the brain stem.


"MRI Scan"


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