ARTIST: Bruce Horton

I have been a professional science fiction and fantasy illustrator for several years now. I have been especially interested in creating art dealing with space travel, other worlds, alien life, and creatures described in myth and legend. Ufology is a very controversial subject, and there is a great deal of skepticism which surrounds it. Although I am a dreamer and have imagined and created various lifeforms on the canvas, I was always a little skeptical about the real existence of extraterrestrial life.

That all changed in 1984, two nights before halloween. I had a experience with the paranormal that will remain with me for the rest of my life. The experience I had is referred to as a "Hagging or riding." I felt a presence and power of a being that completely overwhelmed me as I was relaxing in my bed late in the evening; I was paralyzed for a short time, then released. Believe me, creatures, aliens, and various entities from other worlds and dimensions do exist; they reach out and touch us or contact us in many different ways.

The following illustrations are reflections of my experience or the documented experiences of other individuals. They are visions of possibilities, of undiscovered and discovered lifeforms, and of the fantastic.

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E.T.s, Lochness, and Bigfoot are some of the fantastic creatures that have captivated and baffled us for many years. Some of us have seen them, photographed them, and have even been abducted by these creatures. I believe in the near future, mankind will come to know and understand this elusive and intriguing phenomenon.


The caretakers of the moon look on as the Apollo space ship returns to earth after the historic moon landing. The prominent proponent of intelligent life on the moon was British astronomer, Sir William Herschel, 1738 1822). The discoverer of Uranus, Herschel believed that he had seen towns, cities, roads, canals, forests, circuses on the moon. His observations are recorded in private journals and were rediscovered recently. (Unexplained/J. Clark - 232)

 Let us consider the case of "the riding or hagging." A victim wakes up unable to move. As he or she lies there helpless, perhaps struggling, doors slam, and the sound of footsteps are heard. Then a horrifying form appears. An invisible force presses on the chest or back, and the person thinks he or she is going to die. At last the person is able to shake off the paralysis and the frightening attack is over. Although one in six Americans has had this experience, it is little discussed or explained in our culture. (Unexplained/J. Clark - intro)

Date: January 25, 1967
In the early evening, several Grays (alien beings) whose leader's name was Quasgaa, abducted Betty Andreasson to an oval craft. Betty was subjected to a painful physical examination which included a needle thrust into her navel and a probe into her nose. She was put on a chair where hoses were attached to her nose and mouth. A transparent , airtight cover was placed over her and the chair. Grey fluid filled this container. The alien leader Quasgaa told Betty that "she had been chosen for a mission, and that secrets had been locked in her mind." Psychiatric tests after the abduction showed Betty to be sane and reliable. (UFO/P. Brooksmith - 89)


In 1977 a space probe explorer Voyager 2 was sent out into space with an invitation to alien lifeforms to come and visit the earth. The hope is that such extraterrestrial life will intercept Voyager 2, somehow decipher the messages, and our location, then make a trip to the earth. Perhaps Voyager will make that contact one day and our dream will come true. Worldwide public contact by an alien civilization will be the greatest event to occur in the history of mankind.


Here, a would-be famous astronaut , meets an unfriendly and hostile inhabitant of Mars. The creature's uncanny and voracious image appears eerily in the astronauts helmet glass. We can be sure that life on other worlds may be both pleasant and unpleasant. Would-be space explorers must seriously contemplate the question, "What's out there?"


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