ARTIST: Bruce Horton


Perhaps on other planets, organisms have evolved into machine life, cyborgs, or an entirely new form of synthetic life we cannot as yet comprehend. Indeed people have seen aliens that have appeared to be machine like with body armor or complex space suits.


The coming together and mating of extraterestrial and humankind. The offspring of such communion would no doubt have a unique perspective of our universe and its inhabitants.

 A fleet of U.F.O. space ships passes through the Rocky mountains of Montana. Scores of people have seen groups of ships in many parts of the world passing overhead, presumably with a mission. Perhaps they are scouting parties which are studying our landscape and overlooking our everyday activities. One day, we may learn what the purpose of such missions are.

As we slept in our cabin by the lake , a strange feeling of a great presence loomed over me. I could see though the cracks in the cabin windows that it was very bright outside although it was very late. Suddenly it became dark again. I got out of my bed , looked outside, and it was calm and quiet. The great feeling of a presence had left me. Perhaps I was dreaming, perhaps not.
 For many years now, scientists and paleontologists have searched for the missing link of human origins. The link from our primordial ancestors to intelligent modern man. Perhaps the Neanderthals which mysteriously vanished from the earth over 35 thousand years ago, are that link. Maybe they encountered extraterestrial tool using beings that transformed the Neanderthals mentally and physically into what we consider modern man. Perhaps they are us.


He has many names, but who is he. Is he a being set on this earth by otherworldly visitors to watch and study us. Or perhaps he is a missing link, a giant cousin who remains anonymous of the misgivings of mankind. Bigfoot is a true alien, one that we as yet do not understand.


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