UFO Crash Site Debris


The debris was delivered in a moldy cardboard box to David Shoemaker, a collector of rocks, minerals and meteorites. After handing over the material to his friend, the man said that David now had something that would prove to be not of this planet. Being interested in meteorite-like material, David readily accepted the box and spent much time, effort and money to identify exactly what the material was. None of the experts recognized the material; with some even reacted in alarming ways upon inspecting the debris. In an attempt to find where and how the material was collected, David questioned his friend again and the following tale unfolded.

When I was a child, I remember a particular time that my father came up to me and said, "your mother and I saw one of those flying saucers crash in one of the fields here at the farm. We buried what we found because we don’t want any trouble or a lot of people coming around here, so don’t say anything to anyone. Maybe someday when you get older, you can dig it up and it might be worth something by then."

Over the years, I forgot about the whole thing until recently when my mother lay sick and dying. She called me to her room and said: "We never had much, but perhaps more than some people. The farm is all yours now, so take good care of it…and if times start getting hard again, remember what your father told you is buried in the one field.

I told my mother I didn’t know what she was talking about. At that, she turned her head toward the bedroom window and said; "It was a morning much like this in 1947 when your father and I were eating breakfast. We saw this glowing object in the sky heading towards us from the East. The thing knocked the tops off some of the trees, setting some of them on fire. After that it slowed down to about 20 mph and then dropped…from about thirty feet into the ground. Just like it was parking"

"We had heard on the radio about the "flying saucer" they found in Roswell. Those people received a lot of ridicule and grief from the public and the government. Rather than having us go through that, your father and I buried the crashed object so no one could see. The object was so hot; we had to wait three days for it to cool down enough to even get close to do it. It’s still there for you if you ever want to dig any of it up."

Time passed, and I remained on the farm. The heavy rains of 1996 flooded much of the area. Once the water receded, I walked the farm, inspecting it for any damage. When I came to what used to be a knoll by the creek, I saw this green and gray material sticking out of the mud. It was then that I remembered what my parents said about burying a "flying saucer". I started to dig to collect all that was there. What you have here, David, is the thing my parents buried…50 years ago!

UFO Crash Site Debris

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