Ufo Encounter 1989

The ufo was seen in January 1989 and was very large, silent, moved at about 5 mph, and floated at about 50 - 75 ft above the houses across the street from mine. My mother and I watched it for a few minutes, it made a 360 degree turn and disappeared back the way it came. A week later we were barely missed by a blue laser-like beam that shot through the house.


"Ufo 1989"



Alien Lady

The Alien Lady in the picture is a sort of prettied-up grey-like being that inhabits an imaginary planet that I work on and which supplies a lot of my ideas.


"Alien Lady"



Pointed Ears

My Mother and I went to a hypnotist and I recovered a memory of a tan colores being which had ears with three points on them standing in the dining room the night we saw the ufo.


"Tan Alien"

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