E. Wyatt Smith Unveiling   

   I have always been interested in this subject and have read almost everything available in this genre. A couple of years ago I attended a meeting of MUFON at my local library... On a whim, I privately asked a few of the other attendees if they had ever experienced any "abduction" scenarios firsthand. To my surprise, one of them said yes. I asked if I might interview her at a later date for details to aid me in painting excerpts from her experiences. Here she hesitated, not wanting any publicity or attention, afraid of being labeled as a "wacko". I guaranteed her anonymity, and she agreed.

What followed was the unveiling of an incredibly rich and textured relationship, spanning a lifetime, between herself and the entities she referred to simply as "the Beings". What soon became apparent was that her entire family was also involved, and had been for generations- and that also a great many of her childhood friends and their families were involved as well. The proportions of the enigma were staggering, a giant spiderweb stretching far out beyond the visible horizon.

Through this woman I also began to research many of the others, collecting as much visual detail as possible. I made a large portfolio of sketches which I would later incorporate in my paintings. Great care has been taken to be as faithful as possible in reproducing each event, right down to the lighting and scenery, in accordance with how each event was explained to me. I have tried not to glamorize or exaggerate or inject any of my own drama into the paintings; rather I wanted the feel to be almost matter-of-fact, like a courtroom sketch artist making a visual record of the proceedings at hand. I think this better allows the viewer to make his or her own determinations about the whole purported abduction phenomenon...


"Abduction 1"

"Abduction 2"

"Abduction 3"

"The Interrogation"

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